UV-Stable Resin Binder

Premium UV-stable Polyurethane Resin Bound Gravel Binder

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Key Facts

  • Used For: Resin Bound Gravel
  • Bucket Size: 6.5kg
  • UV Resistant: Yes
  • Mixed With: 100kg Washed & Dried Gravel
  • Mixed In A: Forced Action Mixer
  • Delivered via: Pallet delivery

Specially Formulated

UV Resistant

Bucket Size



Specially formulated and designed specifically for use in resin bound gravel surfacing, PermaPave’s premium aliphatic UV-stable polyurethane resin is perfect for mixing with decorative kiln-dried aggregates to create a continuous, permeable and attractive stone carpet surface.

The benefits of using a premium UV-stable resin over the standard aromatic resin are that when laid, this specially manufactured polyurethane gravel binder will cure to a transparent gloss and will not yellow or discolour. This can be vital for certain aggregates, such as white or green, where the yellowing of the surface will be obvious and detrimental to the aesthetics of the surface.

SuDS compliant, resin bound gravel allows water to pass through the upper surface, and when installed over a permeable paving grid, water can drain freely into the ground, reducing the risk of surface water build up or flooding.

Typically combined with around 100kg of washed and dried resin bound gravel, and in some cases sand, this two-part polyurethane resin will form a sticky mix which can be mixed in a forced action mixer, ensuring that the components are mixed consistently and evenly.

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Weight 6.5 kg
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