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The SoRoTo Dust Controller is an attachment for a SoRoTo 300L Forced Action Mixer. The dust controller is proven to reduce dust emittance by up to 80% and in turn lessen the chance of harmful materials being breathed in whilst mixing dry materials. Watch our YouTube video to learn more.

Dust Control

The SoRoTo Dust Controller is created to minimise the amount of dust in the air – but without compromising the access to the material located in the forced action mixer.

Dry products can produce dangerous dust if not controlled.

The controller is mounted beneath the grid lid – this can be fitted by us or it can be easily mounted.

It is incredibly easy to use.

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What are the advantages of dust controllers?

The dust controller reduces the amount of potentially dangerous dust emittance. It is recommended because:

  • Access to and the view of the materials is not affected
  • The dust controller can be mounted to old and new models
  • It reduces the need to use a mask during use
  • It is available in a range of sizes to cover all of our SoRoTo Forced Action Mixers
  • It is compatible with many industrial vacuum cleaners

Where to find out more

To find out more information call us on 01246 418144 or send us a message here.

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