SoRoTo 8.0M Belt Conveyor

Reduce fatigue and improve efficiency

Standing at a stunning 8 metres long, the SoRoTo 8.0M belt conveyor is the most gargantuan machine in the SoRoTo range. Its ability to move 322 tons of materials per day is a sight to behold as it transports bricks, rubble, soil or other construction site materials up to 8 metres across a construction site. With a maximum incline angle of up to 45°, the conveyor will elevate materials up to the second or third storey, allowing for heavy materials to be dropped where they’re needed and reducing the amount of effort necessary to get the job done.

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Standard Features:

  • Standard feeder
  • Two-wheel transport undercarriage
  • PVC belt with 10mm high carriers
  • PVC sidebattens
  • Aluminium sidebattens
  • Protective motor switch & thermal circuit breaker
  • Self-adjusting safety relay plus starting and operating capacitors
  • Powerful motor of 110V/230V

Optional Extras:

  • Extra wide feeder for wheelbarrow
  • Alternative PVC belts without carriers, with 30 mm high carriers or with extra tensile strength
  • Engine for extremely cold temperatures
SoRoTo Belt Conveyor Manual