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SKU: RGYM16-900

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How are gym floor mats installed?

Gym floor mats have specially designed interlocking pegs and holes to make installing multiple mats a simple process without the need for additional fixings. Take a look at the Rubber Gym Mats product guidewhich includes installation instructions.

Do you do an edge trim for these tiles?

Unfortunately we do not, however the edge can be trimmed to provide a straight, defined edge

Are rubber gym mats anti-slip?

Yes, rubber gym mats help improve the anti-slip quality of your gym flooring.

How do I clean my gym mats?

Gym mats can be easily cleaned using soap and warm water or simply being brushed with a soft brush.

Can rubber gym mats be laid on a sloped surface?

Rubber gym mats are ideal for flat surfaces, but can also be used on sloped surfaces.

Rubber Gym Mats

Strong, robust & non-slip rubber gym flooring

Product Information
  • Length: 910mm
  • Width: 910mm
  • Depth: 16mm
  • Mat weight: 8.1kg
  • Connecting system: Peg and hole
  • Pack size: Single
  • Pallet quantity: 75

£13.33 exc. VAT

£15.996 inc. VAT
SKU: RGYM16-900

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Rubber gym mats are an ideal flooring solution for almost any commercial or home gym in need of a strong surface.

Rubber gym flooring can improve the aesthetics of any gym or leisure facility.  These mats help to improve both the safety and comfort for gym goers and visitors, while providing a shock-absorbent surface for gym equipment.

What is a rubber gym mat?

Designed for use as a soft, yet durable gym flooring, these rubber interlocking gym mats are ideal for a range of different applications from commercial gyms, to home gyms to yoga rooms and more. With the meteoric rise of home gymnasiums and exercise rooms, people are quickly discovering that their choice of floor covering for a gym is incredibly important. Whilst providing sufficient support by reducing fatigue and the risk of shin splints, the rubber gym flooring also repel moisture and odour to increase the hygiene of the workout area and keep them as clean as possible.

Exercise mats are essential to ensure a safe workout as they help to avoid stress and strain injuries that could occur while exercising directly on hard floors that could be uncomfortable.

Easy to Install Rubber Gym Mats

Our gym mats can also be installed directly over almost any flooring from concrete to wood with no additional fixings as each mat has specially designed interlocking pegs and holes which makes the installation process very simple.

Heavy duty gym floor mats provide confidence when exercising to gym professionals. They are ideal for nurseries and primary schools and are also used by police, fire and rescue, rugby clubs, boxing clubs and councils.

High quality rubber floor mats create complete strength and density for fitness and weight areas. They provide maximum safety during training, manage effective noise reduction and optimal protection for the original floors.

Robust and Non-Slip Gym Flooring

The top of each mat has a shallow tread pattern which improves grip for users while exercising.

Each mat is constructed with a peg and hole connection system, meaning install is quick and easy. They can be cut to shape to cover any area.

The mats are ideal to create home gyms, yoga rooms, weight lifting and cardio areas.  They are built with strength, can withstand wear and tear, and are built to last in areas of high traffic.

They are hygienic, with the ability to repel odours and moisture, to keep hygiene levels in exercise areas as high as possible.

If you require more information on our gym mats please download the product guide or if you have questions about our mats or any other products, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our helpful and knowledgeable team.

Alternatively call us on 01246 418144.

Product Technical Data
Weight 8.1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 910 × 910 mm
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Product Guide

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