Black EPDM Granules

EPDM Rubber Crumb For Wet Pour Installations

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Key Facts

  • Rubber colour: Black
  • Rubber Crumb Size: 1mm - 4mm
  • Unit size: Individual bags
  • Bag size: 25kg
  • Peroxide Cured For Superior Colour Stability & UV Resistance
  • Mixed with A Polyurethane Binder

Fully Recycled

Rubber Crumb Size

Bag Size

Little To No Maintenance

Commercial Use

Safe Flooring


Domestic Use
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Our black EPDM wet pour granules are used to help create a impact absorbing and vibrant rubber crumb safety surface which is traditionally used in play areas, playgrounds, parks and other recreational areas. Wet pour is a two layered system which includes a sub-base created from SBR and a coloured top surface created by mixing together the black EPDM and a specially formulated resin binder. The EPDM layer is typically 15mm thick and the SBR sub-base layer is a minimum of 20mm thick but does vary dependent on the areas required critical fall height.

Wet pour rubber surfaces are created by mixing together black EPDM rubber and a wet pour specific resin binder in a forced action mixer to create a material which can be easily spread, levelled and finished off using a range of trowels. The process of mixing material, laying and levelling is repeated until the entire area has been covered. After curing for approximately 24-48 hours, wet pour rubber can then be safely walked on but the amount of time taken to fully cure is very much dependent on the outside temperature.

Once installed, wet pour rubber is very easy to maintain. Here are just a few preventative and reactive steps to look after your wet pour surfaces:

  • Only allow appropriate footwear to be used on the surface (high-heels and studs can damage the surface),
  • Sweep leaves and other debris off of the surface,
  • Routinely clean your rubber surface using hot water (not boiling) and soap to remove stains or mud which will also help prevent moss, algae and vegetation build up,
  • Remove any singular weeds or plants you find by hand or groups of weeds with the use of domestic weed killer but do not use oil based weed killers.

For more information read through our wet pour product guide or for some advice on which product would best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our trained customer service team.

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Weight 25 kg
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