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Is beige mulch safe?

Yes. Rubber flooring mulch is completely non-toxic. Wherever it is used, it creates a soft, cushioned floor that is shock absorbent.

Where does the rubber in the mulch come from?

Rubber mulch is manufactured from 100% recycled tyres. It is environmentally friendly, safe and attractive.

What colours are available?

Rubber mulch is available in a wide range of colours: red, blue, beige, green, black, brown and grey.

What is the difference between rubber mulch and wood mulch?

Rubber mulch outperforms wood mulch. It lasts longer, whereas wood often needs replacing every year, rubber mulch can last for decades. Likewise, it needs zero upkeep as it does not rot or decompose and will not easily blow away.

Does it prevent weeds?

It is naturally weed-resistant and dramatically reduces the likelihood of weed growth. A landscape membrane – weed membrane – can be added to the order for peace of mind.

What is the life expectancy for mulch?

It is long lasting – capable of lasting more than 20 years. It is known for durability and requires far less upkeep than traditional wood mulch.

Rubber Mulch – Beige 10kg

Beige Mulch For Safety Surfacing Installations

Product Information
  • Rubber colour: Beige
  • Unit size: Individual bags
  • Bag size: 10kg
  • Manufactured From: Rubber Tyres
  • Coloured Using: Durable PU Coating
  • Mixed With An Unpigmented Polyurethane Binder

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£16.00 inc. VAT
SKU: RMlchBeige

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Our Beige rubber mulch is a safe, strong, permeable, impact-absorbing, wheelchair friendly, natural-looking and cost-effective rubber surfacing product, ideal for use around play areas, playgrounds, parks and other recreational areas. Each 10kg bag of mulch has been manufactured using entirely recycled tyres before being covered in durable PU coating to create a bark-like appearance.

Rubber Playground Flooring

Beige rubber flooring is created by being mixed together with a specially formulated, unpigmented resin binder in a forced action mixer before being laid and levelled out in the required area. It is an easy-to-install product as mulch can be installed on to almost any level surface. It is used to create a safe, free draining and vibrant protective surface which is suitable for use around such a wide range of applications.

Maintenance Tips for Mulch

To ensure it does not wear at an accelerated rate, we recommend following these maintenance tips:

  • Only allow appropriate footwear to be used on the surface (high-heels and studs can damage the surface),
  • Sweeping leaves and other debris away from the surface,
  • Routine cleaning using hot water (not boiling) and soap to remove stains or mud whilst preventing moss, algae and vegetation build-up,
  • Removal of any singular weeds or plants by hand or groups of weeds using domestic weed killer but oil-based weed killers must not be used.
  • Re-coat the surface routinely to cover the mulch and prevent colour marking on users.

Browse the mulch product guide

If you would like some more information on our Beige mulch, read our product guide or contact us to speak with a member of our helpful and knowledgeable customer service team who can help you decide on the best product for your upcoming project.

It is vitally important to note that this product is blended in batches of approximately 4-8 tonnes from various different colours and there will be a high degree of variation. If you have a requirement for this material we highly recommend purchasing your full requirement plus a contingency of around 10% as we will not be able to colour match this product.

Please note: Due to normal wear and tear and UV exposure, over time all colour coated products are likely to expose the base rubber. As a result, mulch may leave black marks on users if not recoated as part of maintenance.

Product Technical Data
Weight 10 kg
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