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PermaBound SG Rubber Binder

Multipurpose Resin Binder for Rubber Flooring Systems

Product Information
  • Single-component MDI Polyurethane binder
  • High-tensile strength
  • Creates permeable, flexible & non-slip surfaces
  • Supplied in 25kg or 6.5kg kegs
  • Suitable for use with:
    • Rubber Mulch
    • Soft Gravel

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Introducing PermaBound SG Rubber Resin Binder

PermaBound SG is a high-quality moisture-curing binder created specifically for rubber flooring systems, including rubber mulch and soft gravel. This single-component, non-UV stable MDI polyurethane binder sets new benchmarks for performance, combining high-tensile strength, permeability, flexibility, and non-slip properties.

PermaBound rubber binder provides exceptional adhesion to various rubber materials and acts as the backbone of the flooring system, securing the rubber granules in place and creating a solid yet flexible surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic, intense weather conditions, and rigorous activities. The binder’s moisture-curing properties streamline the installation process, eliminating the need for additional catalysts or mixing agents. Moreover, its wide range of benefits including strength, permeability, flexibility, and slip-resistance, make it the ideal choice for creating safe surfaces for areas such as playgrounds, sports facilities, and recreational spaces.

PermaBound SG maintains the porosity of the rubber flooring system, allowing water to pass through and preventing the formation of puddles, reducing the risk of slips, and enhancing safety. The binder’s unique formulation enables the rubber granules to retain their inherent flexibility, resulting in a resilient surface that can absorb impacts and adapt to various movements whilst the non-slip properties enhance traction, reducing the risk of accidents caused by slips or falls, making it a reliable and safe choice for any rubber flooring system installation.

Rubber Mulch Binder

PermaBound SG is a single-component MDI polyurethane binder which can be mixed with rubber mulch to create a strong, soft, natural-looking, free-draining, wheelchair friendly and impact-absorbing rubber surface. Rubber mulch surfaces carry these superb benefits thanks to the perfect pairing with the PermaBound mulch binder, producing a surfacing solution that is ideal for use in a wide range of applications including playgrounds, play areas, parks and other recreational areas. Supplied in either a 6kg or a 25kg keg, mix your mulch and PermaBound binder in a forced action mixer for between 4-6 minutes to produce a consistent material where all of your rubber has been suitably coated and is ready to be laid. A typical mix consists of 100kg of mulch and 25kg of binder (a mixture ratio of 20%/5:1).

Soft Gravel Binder

A 50/50 combination of recycled SBR rubber and washed & dried natural-coloured aggregate mixed with the PermaBound SG resin binder produces a unique system that creates seamless, durable, fully SuDs compliant and low-maintenance surfaces. By combining the strength, durability and attractiveness of natural stone aggregate with the flexibility of rubber, this innovative paving solution can be utilised for a number of applications including pathways, cycling paths, tree pits, patio areas and so much more. The Soft Gravel mixture ratio is 13% of PermaBound SG resin binder to the combined rubber and aggregate blend weight total (kg) which is mixed together in a forced action mixer to ensure a consistent material is produced, where all of your rubber and aggregate has been suitably coated and is ready to be installed.

As PERMABOUND SG is non-UV stable, discolouration over time is likely to occur.

For more information on our PermaBound SG Rubber Binder, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 01246 418144 or LiveChat with us during office hours, outside of these times leave us a message and we will contact you upon our return.

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