SoRoTo 2.0M Belt Conveyor

Transport site materials and debris

£3,000.00 exc. VAT £3,600.00 inc. VAT

Key Facts

  • Standard feeder
  • Two-wheel transport undercarriage
  • PVC belt with 10mm high carriers
  • PVC sidebattens
  • Aluminium sidebattens
  • Protective motor switch & thermal circuit breaker
  • Self-adjusting safety relay plus starting and operating capacitors
  • Powerful motor of 110V/230V

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Strong & Durable

Moves Up To 322 Tonnes Per Day


Safety Features

Use On Incline

Self Cleaning

Wheelbarrow Compatible
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Mini, yet Mighty!

Capable of moving up to 322 tons of material every day, the SoRoTo 2.0M belt conveyor is a lightweight, durable and sturdy material transportation machine. With its specially designed aluminium frame and rust-free runners, it is perfect for both professional and DIY use. Thanks to its size and portability, the SoRoTo 2.0M portable belt conveyor can be moved by just one person thanks to its two transportation wheels and is most commonly used to transport an incredibly wide range of items up and down staircases up to an angle of 45° (at any angle and can be easily adjusted in no time at all) reducing a large amount of labour-intensive work which would otherwise be required. With a unique design too, parts of your conveyor can be snapped on and off to allow you to create the perfect sized conveyor belt for your current project. The open structure of the portable conveyor along with its hard also means that it is simple to clean down after a job making it an easy to maintain machine.

Used for moving large quantities of rubble, waste, bricks, gravels, earth & soil and many more building materials from one point to another exactly where you need it, the SoRoTo electric belt conveyor is a versatile and efficient transporter. Its many benefits such as powerful motor and PVC belt, our 110v conveyors will do the job to the absolute highest standard, each and every time it is used. You can rest assured that you are protected when using a belt conveyor too as each large electric conveyor belt has been specifically engineered to include a range of safety features which include a protective motor switch and thermal cut off – preventing any unwanted electric shocks and your machine from overheating.

There are also optional add ons available for each belt conveyor. First is the aluminium infeed hopper which is available for this model and is perfect for use with wheelbarrows to make your material transportation even easier. Second, is alternative PVC belts without carriers, with 30 mm high carriers or extra-tensile for added strength. Speak to a member of our team regarding these add ons.

Optional Extras:

  • Extra wide feeder for wheelbarrow
  • Alternative PVC belts without carriers, with 30 mm high carriers or with extra tensile strength
  • Engine for extremely cold temperatures

For more information on our SoRoTo belt conveyors, you can download our product guide from the downloads tab. If you have questions regarding conveyors or any of our other products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable and helpful team.

Read our blog to learn more about GCL Products becoming the UK, Ireland & Channel Islands distributor for SoRoTo.

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Weight 45 kg
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