SoRoTo 2.0M Belt Conveyor

Mini, yet Mighty!

Capable of moving up to 322 tons of material every day, the SoRoTo 2.0M belt conveyor is lightweight and sturdy. With its aluminium frame and rust-free runners, it is perfect for both professional and DIY use. Thanks to its size and portability, the SoRoTo 2.0M belt conveyor is most commonly used to transport items up and down staircases. Used for moving large quantities of rubble, earth & soil, bricks, gravels and other building materials to just where you need them, the SoRoTo belt conveyors will do the job to the highest standard, every time.

An optional aluminium infeed hopper for use with a wheelbarrow is also available for this model.

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Standard Features:

  • Standard feeder
  • Two-wheel transport undercarriage
  • PVC belt with 10mm high carriers
  • PVC sidebattens
  • Aluminium sidebattens
  • Protective motor switch & thermal circuit breaker
  • Self-adjusting safety relay plus starting and operating capacitors
  • Powerful motor of 110V/230V

Optional Accessories & Extras:

  • Extra wide feeder for wheelbarrow
  • Alternative PVC belts without carriers, with 30 mm high carriers or with extra tensile strength
  • Engine for extremely cold temperatures
SoRoTo Belt Conveyor Manual