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A versatile range of galvanised steel U-pin fixing solutions for use on almost all landscaping projects

We currently stock three different types of strong and cost effective galvanised steel U-pin fixings. Our range is ideal for securing ground reinforcement grids, membranes, rubber grass mats, grass protection meshes, grass reinforcement meshes and more. The versatility of these products means they can be used on almost any project where a landscaping product needs securing into the ground. One U-pin may be more applicable for certain applications than others. For example, the 3mm diameter U-pin is the most cost effective fixing pin and is ideal for holding lighter duty products such as membranes, rubber grass mats and grass protection meshes as there will not be a large amount of pressure applied to them. The 3mm diameter green u-pin which is powder coated in an anti-corrosion green paint is the perfect fixing for grass based product such as rubber grass mats, grass protection meshes, grass reinforcement meshes or artificial grass as the green coating makes each pin discreet when installed. The 6mm diameter U-pin is our heaviest duty fixing solution and is the correct solution for installs where large amounts of pressure or weight will be applied for example, grass reinforcement meshes must withstand the weight of cars and HGVs meaning the fixing has to be just as strong, which the 6mm U-pin is. You can learn more about each U-pin staple on the product pages.

For more information on our range U-pins landscape staples or for some advice on which products would best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our trained customer service team.

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