Galvanised Steel Fixing Pins (u-Pins & j-Pins)

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  • Steel U-Pins & J-Pins
  • 6mm and 3mm diameter
  • 150mm, 170mm, 180mm & 285mm long
  • Made from galvanised steel
  • Ideal for fixing Grass Reinforcement & Protection Meshes, Artificial Grass & Membranes:


The U Pins 3 dia x 150 long made from Galvanised Steel are one of the most cost effective ways to fix grass protection meshes and membranes to the ground. These Pins are made from 3mm diameter galvanised steel wire and bent into a U Shape in order to securely fasten mesh products. Lightweight and economical, these pins are perfect for GrassMesh range particularly when joining multiple rolls as well as for fixing membranes such as landscaping fabric or weed matting. Weighing around 12g per piece, these U Pins are by no means flimsy and their galvanised coating makes them more resilient to weather, making them an inexpensive but long lasting product.

The ribbed square 6 dia x 180 long U Pins are much stronger than the 3mm derivative making them perfect for use in tougher ground and with more heavy duty products such as TurfMesh. 30mm longer than the light duty equivalent and double the thickness, these U Pins are much more substantial. Weighting around 100g per pin the 6mm dia variant are ideal for driving into heavy clay, hardcore and other rocky ground.

J Pins 6 dia x 285mm long are made from ribbed galvanised steel. These are ideal for use on hard or uneven ground where it may not be possible to install U pins.

U Pins 3dia x 170mm long are made from from 3mm diameter mild steel wire and then powder coated in an anti corrosion green paint for a prolonged life. These steel U Pins are ideally suited for stapling Artificial Grass to the ground as they blend in so well with the turf.

All of our pins are available in quantities of 100, helping you get as many pins as you can for the least amount of money possible. We would recommend looking at the instruction of the product being installed for guidelines to work out the quantities of pins you require.

If you’re unsure of the correct type of fixing to keep your reinforcement mesh in place, or would like help calculating the quantity required don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our expert team who will be happy to provide the necessary guidance.

Additional information

Weight 7.99 kg
Dimensions 20 × 6 × 180 mm

3 Dia x 150mm Long Galvanised Steel U-Pins, 6 Dia x 180mm Long Ribbed Galvanised Steel U-Pins, 3 Dia x 170mm Long Green Coated U-Pins, 6 Dia x 285mm Long Galvanised Steel J-Pins

Unit Size

100 Pins