Rubber Grass Mats 23mm

Rubber grass mats which absorb fall impact & prevent grass erosion

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Key Facts

  • Dimensions: 1m x 1.5m
  • Thickness: 23mm (including underside bobble)
  • Weight: 13.3kg
  • Critical fall height: 3.3m
  • Material: Hi-density rubber
  • Coverage per mat: 1.5m²
  • Connection: Peg & Cable Ties
  • Pegs required per mat: 5
  • Ties required per mat: 10
  • Compliance: BS 7188 & BS EN 1177:2008


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Domestic Use

Commercial Use
Pegs & Ties: Not Included
Pegs & Ties: Included


Rubber grass mats are fantastic grass protection and safety flooring solutions which can be simply laid on top of both level and uneven existing soil, grass or concrete surfaces before being secured using cable ties and plastic fixing pegs. Grass mats help improve the safety and aesthetics of a surface whilst being incredibly versatile as they can be used for a number of applications including playgrounds, temporary events, equestrian areas, golf courses, farms and much more. Each mat we supply is wheelchair friendly, weatherproof and able to withstand heavy foot traffic. The specially designed structure of rubber grass mats gives you a strong and durable surface with effective drainage which also allows the grass below to grow through and maintain the areas natural appearance.

Available in two thicknesses, 16mm and 23mm, a grass mats main function is to prevent grass erosion as it protects the root of the grass from traffic. However, they can also be used as protective surfacing around playareas as they have 3.3 metre (23mm grass mat) and 1.1 metre (16mm grass mat) critical fall height to allow you to create a child friendly flooring. So not only are our range of rubber grass mats an efficient solution for so many projects but they are also considered one of the most affordable and economical grass protection products on the market today.

If you have any questions about our rubber grass mats or would like some advice on the best product to use for your upcoming project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 1000 × 1500 mm

What fixings are required to install rubber grass mats?

To install each of your rubber grass mats over grass you will require 10 cable ties and 5 fixing pegs.

Can rubber grass mats only be installed over grass?

No, grass mats can be laid on a variety of surfaces from concrete to grass to provide a safe surface. Please note: fall height protection will vary dependent on the underlying surface.

Are rubber grass mats suitable for wheelchairs?

Yes, our grass mats can and have been used to create paths suitable for wheelchairs.

Are the grass mats easy to cut?

Yes, our mats can be cut using a pair of very strong scissors or a pair of secateurs.

What is the difference between the two rubber grass mat thicknesses?

The two mats are actually very similar but simply, the 23mm grass mat is a heavier duty mat and has a much higher critical fall height rating than the 16mm grass mat.

What are the critical fall heights of the Rubber Grass Mats?

16mm grass mats have a critical fall height of 1.1 metres and 23mm grass mats have a critical fall height of 3.3 metres.

How long will do rubber grass mats last for?

There is no specific answer to this question as it depends on volume of use, weather conditions and effective maintenance. However, as a rubber product, we do expect our grass mats will last for a minimum of around 10 years.

Can I still cut my grass with the grass mats installed?

Yes, you can cut your grass with rubber grass mats installed. Simply heighten your lawnmower blade height and begin cutting as normal.

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